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Trace every action in the entire sharing network

Every modification in a Salvobit sharing network can be traced back to the user who has made it. This is possible because the digital security key of each user signs every action that he/she performs in the network. This signature cannot be forged even by administrators and network owners..

Protect yourself against hacks with state of the art encryption technologies

Salvobit implements strong end-to-end encryption. All your files are encrypted by your unique digital security key. This powerful method limits the risks of data loss and abuses, caused by external hacker attacks.

Prevent abuse of your data in case of hardware theft

The theft of a device storing important and personal data can cause a lot of concerns and you may incur great losses. With Salvobit you can be sure that your precious information will not fall into the wrong hands, because it is always encrypted, even when at rest, and it can be accessed only with your unique digital security key.

Identify your users without personal data within a Salvobit sharing network

In any given Salvobit sharing network every user is identified by a unique digital ID. In that way the users’ privacy is fully preserved, as no personal information is used for their identification.

Protect against internal vulnerabilities in your network

The identification of the users in every Salvobit sharing network with their unique digital IDs allows the prevention of potential internal vulnerabilities, such as granting access to rogue devices. Since you identify every user by his/her respective digital ID, you have control over the access to your sharing network.

Store your data on your own hardware

You can be sure that your data is under your full control, since it is on your own hardware. This is a guarantee that none can deny you access to your own data, since you are the rightful owner of your hardware. Also you can be sure about the privacy of your files, since they are not transferred through clouds or some third party servers that might get hacked.

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Access large files instantly without complete download

While working with large files, you won’t lose any time, because you will be able to access them fast, since no complete download is required.

Salvobit Share automatically takes care for the data consistency and you don’t have to copy large files on your own devices in order to work with them.

Back up your data consistently and automatically*

Doing a backup is always tedious. But if you have a Backup Device* it will back up your data automatically, according to the settings that you have set. Your data will be backed up consistently even while you are working with it, so in cases of emergency you will have access to the latest backed up versions of your files.

Share data across different operating systems

Your laptop is running on one operating system and your desktop computer on another? No worries, you can use them both in one and the same Salvobit sharing network. Salvobit Share is supported under Windows, Mac OS X, Ubuntu and Fedora.

Prevent conflicting file versions

In a Salvobit sharing network you can easily collaborate with your colleagues, no matter where they are situated, because the data management system automatically manages files versions and provides conflicting copies prevention.

Work offline

You can also work offline with a subset of devices from your Salvobit sharing network.

Work at maximum available speed

Every server in a Salvobit sharing network may store a copy of a file hosted on another distant server in order to make it available to the devices that are physically closer to it. That way the files are accessed with minimum latency and at the highest possible speed. It doesn’t matter if you are at home or at your office, with a set Salvobit sharing network you can access your files from your own computer devices and manage them as you see fit.

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Experience the ultimate power of Salvobit with our paid features

Prevent loss of your data in case of technical failure or theft
If any of your devices from a Salvobit network gets damaged or stolen you will not lose your data if you have Backup Devices. After the incident the data will be available to you and unauthorized people cannot access it.
Scale your Salvobit sharing network seamlessly

The more Backup Devices you have in a Salvobit sharing network, the better. The Backup Devices automatically aggregates the free space on them and makes it available to the authorized users.

Ensure the availability of your data in case of local natural disaster

If a Salvobit network is hit by a local natural disaster it may still function if there are unaffected Backup Devices. With working Backup Devices you will be able to restore your data and work with it.

Collaborate easily without interruptions

A Salvobit sharing network with Backup Devices is a great place for collaboration. The authorized users will have access to the data stored in the Backup Devices and they may work cooperatively from their own devices.

Protect yourself against hacks with state of the art encryption technologies

Salvobit implements strong end-to-end encryption. All your files are encrypted by your unique digital security key. This powerful method limits the risks of data loss and abuses, caused by external hacker attacks.

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It is well known that data is the most treasured and sought-after commodity. That is why losing data is extremely troublesome. 31% of PC users have lost their data due to events beyond their control. You wouldn’t like to be one of them, would you?

The situation is even more grievous when we look at the business area. 72% of businesses that suffer major data loss shut down within 24 months. Wow, that’s scary!

In order to save you from many unpleasant moments Salvobit Share offers you the Backup Device License. This is an additional paid feature that turns your computers into devices that ensure maximum availability of the data.

When you purchase Backup Device License for some of your computers they become servers that do seamless backup. By doing this all data from the authorized devices in the location will be replicated to the Backup Devices and the local storages will be freed.
You may have unlimited number of Backup Devices, and we recommend at least two for each location. That way the risk of losing data is limited, because the data will be backed up on two devices. Besides the more Backup Devices you have, the better! If you have more devices you can configure how many copies of your files you want to keep. Those devices aggregate the free space on them, so all the users in the network will have equal amount of space.