Share and protect your data!

Software built for Privacy, Security and Speed!


Salvobit is a storage solution addressed to everyone who values privacy, security and collaboration potential. Salvobit allows fast transfer of small and very large files, while your data is constantly protected. Our solution is fueled by the following modern and powerful technologies:

Enjoy state of the art complete data protection without breaking the bank

Reliable and fast access to your files at anytime and anywhere


    Customizable automatic backup that can save you from a lot of data loss troubles


    Lifestyle Cases


    Create private space for family and friends


    Operational Cases


    Work effectively on the go

    Enterprise Cases


    Store and process sensitive information and reduce the
    operating expenses


    We are a squad of professionals devoted to data security and privacy. Our team is aiming at providing secure means for fast data sharing and easy collaboration.

    In the modern age data and information are the most sought-after commodities and that’s why they have been targeted by hackers, other malicious individuals and organization. The right to privacy is an inalienable human right, and we would like to offer you a solution that could help you protect it.

    Our tech team has more than 16 years of experience in the area of data storage and data security. Large part of that experience has been gained at some of the biggest industry players.

    We have the background, we have the skills, and above all we have the passion to put an end to your data worries!