Create private space for family and friends

With Salvobit you can build your own sharing network together with your relatives and close friends. By doing so, you can exchange personal photos, videos and documents without exposing them to some third party servers or clouds with questionable data security. You can be sure that every piece of sensitive data is under your control, because it is stored on your own hardware and none can deny you access to your personal files. You will enjoy enterprise level of data protection for free. It is also possible to back u several encrypted copies of you files and if you suffer total computer failure you will still keep your data intact.

Build or join a fast-growing sharing network

You can establish or become part of social communities of interest and share your ideas, visions, hobbies, professional realization and so on. Such communities, established through Salvobit, have unparalleled data protection and strong viral effect. Without investing any money you can use your own hardware to distribute small and giant sized materials among people who share your interests. On the other hand, you will be able to receive appealing to you pictures, photos, lyrics, videos, texts, tunes, etc. Such a community may grow very fast as the leaders of the network can delegate rights to those they trust, so they can invite new users, too. Besides, everyone in the sharing network reserves the full control over their own data, which is secured by top-notch encryption. Salvobit offers excellent user experience by providing protection against network disconnects and interruptions.

Share and watch videos on the go

You have recorded the first theatrical performance of your child, or you have filmed your extreme skiing in the Alps, or you have just recorded how you cook a mouthwatering cake and now you want to share those experiences, but only with people you know? Salvobit is your solution. When you create or join a Salvobit network you can share your videos for free and the ones you trust will be able to watch them on the go, utilizing the highest possible speed, supported by the network. Complete downloading is not needed, your friends may watch your personal film creations straightaway. They may enjoy your videos even if your computer devices crash.


Work effectively on the go

Salvobit allows you to construct a perfect collaboration space, where all activities can be easily managed. Our special technology FileTreasury offers you the option of multiple people working safely on the same files. This will speed up the work process, thus improving your efficiency. Every collaborator can use his/her own laptop with which to access and process the working data. You don’t have to worry about data breaches, because all the files are protected by strong encryption. But what will happen if a laptop is lost or stolen? In such cases you need to be able to restore the data as soon as possible in order to limit the negative consequences. Thanks to the automatic backup , which is done even while working, you can recover fast from disasters. The data on a stolen device cannot be accessed, because it is protected by strong encryption.

Secure work from home

Working from home offers great flexibility, but it is also very demanding. You must have a secure and fast way to exchange materials and a convenient platform for collaboration with your remote colleagues. One of the major features of the Salvobit software is its collaboration potential. Since Salvobit offers cross-platform compatibility you can use personal computers and laptops with different operating systems in one sharing network. The Salvobit software is also very lightweight and it can run flawlessly on the less powerful home computers, too. But such devices have far less space compared to enterprise ones, and this may hamper your work from home. Fortunately, Salvobit provides scalable mutual storage so you don’t have to fill your local hard drives with business data.


Store and process confidential information at competitive price

The competitive prices of the Salvobit licenses lower the capital expenditures for hardware deployment and the managing body can reduce the operating expenses for infrastructure, without compromising the high level security and the high speed of data processing. Large enterprises must handle confidential information with great care, and Salvobit has all the tools that are required to deal with that. Every secure Salvobit sharing network utilizes group level access control based on the users’ public and private keys. The data authenticity is guaranteed by the unique digital signature of each user, which cannot be forged even by administrators and network owners. When it comes to processing, the Salvobit system can provide high availability of the confidential data, which is essential for every enterprise.

Put remote offices under one roof

The use of Salvobit will reduce the data transfer cost, while preserving the uncompromising enterprise quality standards. International enterprises with multiple data centers scattered all over the world can join them all together, no matter where the physical servers are located. The incorporated caching system, which allows top working speed between the remote locations, will drastically improve the workflow and the company’s efficiency. The Salvobit software is easy to master, so the employees can immediately collaborate on large amount of data without download delays.