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Use Cases

One simple solution for many different problems

Salvobit Share is a powerful tool for fast and easy remote work. It also provides highly secure data storage and transfer, while using your own hardware. The design behind Salvobit Share makes it suitable for individuals, small businesses, large corporations, government and defense sectors.

Lifestyle Cases

Create private space for family and friends. Share without wasting time and work with documents without file conflicts.


Operational Cases

Work effctively on the go. Don’t worry about scalability since Salvobit Share works on your own hardware and none can deny access to the service. 

Enterprise Cases

Store and process important data at competitive prices and reduce the attack surface by using just one diverse solution.                                     

Government & Defense Cases

Salvobit provides the means for safe storage of sensitive and classified information and impeccable traceability 


Salvobit Share features deliver a complete and safe remote work environment for personal and business use


Seamless p2p data storage and sync

Our data management system FileTreasury, which applies the best principles of the peer-to-peer architecture, ensures the secure and fast synchronization of thousands of files to many endpoints. This will help you share personal or business data without wasting any time.

Automatic backup

Our technology Timewalker allows data to be backed up consistently even while you are working with it, so in cases of emergency you will have access to the latest versions of your files.

Minimum hardware requirements

Salvobit software is very lightweight and it can run on less powerful computers, which makes it suitable for any working environment, even when the budget is limited.

Strong encryption at rest and in transit

Our security technology CryptoFence implements strong end-to-end encryption. All files are encrypted by the unique digital security key of the users, which is owned only by the respective user. Besides, CryptoFence is open source so everyone can see that their digital security key is not transferred or handled by some third parties. This powerful method limits the risks of data loss and abuses, caused by external hacker attacks.

Instant access to large files

While working with large files, you won’t lose any time, because you will be able to access them fast, since no complete download is required. Salvobit automatically takes care for the data consistency and it is not needed to copy large files on your own devices in order to work with them.

Snapshot functionality

Besides seamless backup, the Timewalker technology offers the possibility to go back to any given past moment and obtain the files in the state they were at that specific time period. By doing so you can save any file if it was damaged or lost.

Data access control

Essential part of Salvobit Share are the so called Secure File Groups. They allow the user to sort the data, especially the sensitive data, into specific and encrypted groups to which only authorized users may have access.

Traceability of changes via digital signatures

Every modification in a Salvobit sharing network can be traced back to the user who has made it. This is possible because the digital security key of each user signs every action that it performs in the network. This signature cannot be forged even by administrators and network owners.

salvobit Plans

Our plans are designed to facilitate the work management and reduce the expenses




Office Subscription

Office Private

Enterprise Private

Full data encryption at rest and in transit

Unlimited devices

Mac OS , Windows and Linux

Full data control

Backup license/s


Unlimited Snapshots


Secure File Groups


Traffic Pass




Full traceability in a Salvobit network


On-premise private infrastructure




If these plans do not correspond to your particular workflow, don’t hesitate to contacts us for tailor-made offers.

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